5 Types of Mural Landscapes to inspire yourself!

5 Types of Mural Landscapes to inspire yourself!

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5 Types of Mural Landscapes to inspire yourself!

Need an instant feature wall? It’s time you made friends with peel and stick wall murals. It’s also time to put aside some common misconceptions about murals - that they only belong in museums, that they make your decor look overkill, and so on and so forth. There are many types of murals out there, ranging from landscape imagery to abstract art. Like any decor element, you need to choose the right mural in order for it to work in a given setting.

The idea behind using wall murals in your home interior is simple - to make a statement and set a focus on which other decor elements can converge. There are also other perks that come with different types of murals. Landscape murals, our subject today, specialize in turning cold, windowless rooms into welcoming havens with grand views!

The landscape murals we offer are perfect for rented spaces. You can install them yourself or with minimal help, and take them down without damaging your wall when it’s time to move or try something new.

Can’t imagine how your compact, cookie-cutter bedroom, home office or living room can accommodate a landscape mural? Let’s show you some styling ideas!

5 types of landscape murals to bring magic to your apartment

From nature sights to views of outer space, there are a lot of possibilities which you can choose to enlighten your home with fabulous landscapes. Don't believe it? Check out this list:

1. Surround yourself in stardust


 This gorgeous mural features surreal nighttime scenery, its highlight being a gorgeous starry sky rendered in muted orange, beige and blue tones. The silhouette of a lone tree on grassy terrain provides a dark contrast and gives the composition a foundation. This high-resolution image printed on durable latex saturated paper exudes a dynamic yet dreamy vibe, proving that you can make a statement even with subtle colors and forms.

Where to use: Bedroom. This type of landscape mural will provide a welcome change from boring bedroom decor, energizing the space while also getting you pretty close to sleeping under the stars.

How to style: Allow the imagery to be the focus of the space. Use calming white or neutral elements in the room. Keep your furniture minimal and uncluttered. If you like bright colors, use a derivative of something that already appears in the composition, e.g. blue or orange.

2. An instant trip to Venice


A vacay to Venice is always within reach with this fabulous landscape mural on your wall. This exquisite, larger-than-life depiction of Venice at its charming best will work wonders in any setting. The Grand Canal, lined with gondolas, flanked by classic works of architecture, and topped by a cloudy sky, brings both vibrancy and calm to this print. The backdrop for your favorite furniture doesn’t get better than this!

Where to use: Living room. A dramatic print such as this one deserves all the attention it can get! Impress your guests by making it the highlight of your living room.

How to style: Though it features vintage architecture, this is a type of landscape mural that works particularly well with sleek contemporary furniture and fixtures. The balanced mix of colors in the composition serves as a great showcase for monochrome white elements and a clean, clutter-free layout.

3. Wow them with a waterfall


Watch freshness and tranquility cascade into your home through this enchanting, full-size image of a pristine waterfall. This mural depicts nature at its raw, untouched best, and brings unmatched allure into any setting. We love how green, brown and blue tones come together to craft a subtle yet energized palette that works with all kinds of colors and prints.

Where to use: Bathroom. Think of all those times you’ve given up hope and resigned yourself to a boring bathroom - this nature-inspired mural is the answer! Introduce it to your bathroom wall for a much-needed break from white ceramic tiles!

How to style: This type of landscape mural doesn’t need much support from other decor elements. Just make sure you leave room for the eyes to linger on the details of this photorealistic print. Light or white elements will offer contrast and keep distractions away from your statement wall.

4. A walk in the woods


Wish you lived in a fairytale forest? Turn your home into one with this charming landscape mural that features a blurry image of closely packed tree trunks in soothing white and neutral tones. This forest scene is realistic yet whimsical, serene yet playful, and slides effortlessly into all kinds of aesthetic styles.

Where to use: Living room. This type of landscape mural comes with many advantages. It’s structured look, almost resembling a striped print, brings order into your living room, without taking away the basic sense of warmth and comfort you need in order to feel at home. It’s perfect for living rooms that have to double up as home offices.

How to style: Leverage the innate structure of this forest-themed mural. Pair it with other nature-inspired wallpaper, and use striped prints and patterns in your furnishings. Generous amounts of indoor greenery will further amplify the richness of this enchanting feature wall.

5. Take the road less traveled


When you think of nature-inspired wall decor, don’t limit yourself to tropical greens and coastal bliss. There are many more types of landscape murals that can help you craft inspiring and inviting spaces. Check out this stunning example, featuring a sun-kissed road cutting across desert scenery. Composed entirely of brown and tan tones, this scene has an oddly calming warmth to it.

Where to use: Home office. If you have the luxury of a separate home office, this mural is a great way to lend it some character (and inspire yourself to stay on track!). It also works in homes where study spaces need to be borrowed from other rooms. The near-monochrome look and versatile color palette can easily work with bedroom or living room decor.

How to style: Use sleek furniture and minimal accents in contrasting white tones to keep the focus on this stunning desert scape.

Have you warmed up to the different types of landscape murals out there yet? Explore more delightful options in our complete collection, and treat yourself to a unique feature wall. Our murals are super-easy to install - here’s all you need to know about setting them up.