BUSTED – The Biggest Home Decor Myths That Just Aren’t True!

BUSTED – The Biggest Home Decor Myths That Just Aren’t True!

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BUSTED – The Biggest Home Decor Myths That Just Aren’t True!

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Home decoration is fun – until all those dos and don’ts come in. But the good news is that you can safely ignore a bunch of them! After all, good home decor is about celebrating your personal sense of style. Many so-called ‘rules’ about colors, patterns and layouts are not just unnecessary, but can actually make your space look uninspiring. Whether you’re mulling over your choice of removable wallpaper, or picking out a statement piece for your living room, thinking outside the box is what will keep things fresh and interesting.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the biggest decor myths out there. Have a home makeover coming up? Chuck these out the window to make room for your design experiments!



blue botanical floral fabric removable wallpaper


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Myth 1: Things have to match.

If that were true, Boho-chic decor wouldn’t exist. Nor would we love it so much! When everything matches everything else perfectly, you can end up with dull, unimaginative spaces where the eyes have nothing to linger on. This is why the best-looking interiors coordinate colors and patterns instead of matching them. Think cool greys and warm rose hues in soft pastel tones. Or clean geometrics and flamboyant florals in complementary colors. Such dynamic compositions retain a basic sense of order, yet manage to show off every individual element within them.

Does this mean monochrome is out? Not at all! You can play around with warm and cool variations of the same color tone, or add a tinge of something else to create an accent or focal feature. For instance, you can introduce a Japanese-style peel and stick wallpaper in muted colors within an all-white Scandinavian setting. Or place a monochrome floral or animal-themed wallpaper amidst black-and-white geometric furnishings.



a Japanese-style peel and stick wallpaper in muted colors within an all-white Scandinavian setting


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Myth 2: Small rooms have to be painted white.

There’s a general belief that compact spaces need light colors to make them feel spacious. While this isn’t untrue, it also doesn’t mean that darker shades are an absolute no-no. You can do a lot more with dark colors than you probably think. Covering a single wall with a dark-toned geometric print, for instance, can create a sense of direction and give you new ideas on arranging your furniture and accents. Many modern designers even recommend covering an entire room in the same dark shade so as to fade out corners and edges and thus make the space feel larger.

If you’re unsure about dark-colored wall treatments, PVC-free removable wallpaper is a great place to get started. Damage-free removal wallpaper (like the kind you’ll find here at WallsByMe) gives you the freedom to experiment with new styles and aesthetics, and ensures a high-quality finish that complements your statement pieces.


interior design red and white textured floral fabric removable wallpaper


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Myth 3: Some colors are not meant for walls.

Walls are prominent surfaces in any room, and you have to be careful while picking out your wall treatments. But if you think colors like red, yellow and deep purple are off-limits, it’s time to think again! Many contemporary designers are now crafting exquisite spaces using vibrant, jewel-toned walls. You needn’t use the same color all over the room. A vivid red feature wall can be just the dynamic fix your living space needs. Large-scale floral peel and stick wallpaper is an easy way to create this. Use it as a backdrop for a stylish piece of furniture or your white-themed art collection, and team it up with contrasting accents for a picture-perfect eclectic setting.



large-scale floral peel and stick wallpaper


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Myth 4: A room can only have one focal point.

You can’t have too much of a good thing! Creating multiple points of interest in a space can add a whole other dimension to it. This applies in particular to large or oddly shaped rooms. Instead of a single feature wall or statement piece that makes the rest of the space look awkward or incomplete, create numerous smaller ‘clusters’ to add richness and depth. Colorful furniture and accents can be a simple way to achieve this, especially when grouped with vibrant rugs and throws. Houseplants offer another easy way to create a focal point, especially in the company of nature-inspired removable wallpaper.


nature-inspired landscape removable wallpaper


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Myth 5: Too much furniture will shrink your space.

It seems pretty straightforward at first – removing furniture from a small room should make it look bigger. But in reality, sparsely furnished rooms can appear too stark and functional for comfort. They can actually draw attention to the fact that there wasn’t enough room for an accent chair or bookcase. If your home is low on square footage, consider sizing down your furniture instead of getting rid of it altogether. For added measure, throw in accessories like rugs, cushions, floor lamps and removable wallpaper to create an inviting space that instantly spells home.


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