Vintage wall: best decorating ideas for your home

Vintage wall: best decorating ideas for your home

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Vintage wall: best decorating ideas for your home

The retro style has gained more and more space in home decorating, especially in recent years. Along with super cool decorations, we are tempted to put them into practice and, sooner or later, we decide to give them a try.

So for you to try an easier way and with very great ideas, we prepared this content. Check out our vintage wall decorating ideas.

Before it all: what is vintage wall decor?

Vintage wall decor is simple: it is a decoration with items that recall a past time, in other words, accessories that are or seem old and antique, which have marked a past era and can generate the feeling of being lost in time.

This fantastic idea involves the color brown and the aging aspect, and what is temporal makes the style so loved and appreciated when it comes to making decorations. Shall we see some creative and pretty ideas? Come check it out:

Vintage wall: 6 decorating ideas to use

A few items mark vintage-style decorations, and when you're setting yours up, take advantage of these to decorate your walls. Among them are wood, items that kept the past, old-looking things, pottery, books, and, of course, vintage wallpapers helps a lot to create a beautiful decoration. Below you can have clear ideas:

1. Use items that have marked past generations

Vintage decor

When we talk about things that marked the past, we mean things like movie tape discs, red and blue 3D movie glasses, old bus tickets, and so on. Using these old items in wallpapers and objects helps create a pleasant vintage atmosphere.

You can, for example, put up wallpaper with travel stamps or use old street lanterns in your decoration. Or else, you can put some license plate numbers from past times into your wall, and even some family old items of yours.

2. Books and old woods make the vintage style

Vintage style

Two things that always give an excellent idea for vintage decorations are wood products, which is essential, and books, ancient and yellowed ones. So if you have the option to go to a bookstore, you can include an entire book on the wall or detach the pages and make decorations with the written piece and even with the covers.

You can also try to explore wood items, either some loose pieces to put on the wall and create decorations, shelves, murals and more; you can also try to implement an entire wall in wood, without having to actually invest in real wood, just by putting a shiplap wallpaper

3. Bet on decorated and painted crockery

Vintage decor

Do you know those old, painted dishes that you used to see in your grandmother's house or in other older adults's kitchens? Well, these pieces are not only very elegant, but they also make a beautiful decoration. When you combine several antique and decorated dishes, and nail them to the wall, the result is sensational.

4. Try to find and use old wall furniture

Old wall furniture

When you're thinking of ways to make your vintage home decor, try to research and find some kind of antique furniture to put on the wall: whether it be hat stands or bookshelves, you can always complement your home decor with these items. You can even find new furniture with such appearances because of the style's popularity!

5. Botanic is a great way to bring vintage vibes

Vintage style

If you have already started to enjoy the pages of old books, know that you can use them this time. That's because botany studies have always been part of vintage decorations, with flower designs in various forms. You can explore book pages and paint over them, bringing a sensational vintage aesthetic.

If you are not so into painting or things like that, you can also decorate the walls with floral wallpaper and finish the wall with clocks and wood.

6. Try to use old tiles, clocks, photos, and more!

Vintage decor

You can place on the wall: large pointer clocks, antique boxes, decorated tiles, old photos and paintings, accessories, hats, all these items. When placed on the wall together and balanced, it brings a very excellent idea of care and vintage and brings a comfortable aura to those who visit the place. Don't be afraid to explore accessories pinned to the walls because they always add a beautiful finishing touch to the project.

What did you think of our tips? We hope that our ideas have helped you create an excellent vintage decoration that will charm all your guests. Also, check out our post about wallpapering furniture, reasons to use it. Until the next time!