Wallpapering furniture: reasons to use

Wallpapering furniture: reasons to use

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Wallpapering furniture: reasons to use

Are you looking for reasons to change the style in your house? If the answer is yes, here, you have everything you need to know about wallpapering furniture in a complete guide.

Quite apart from creating one-of-a-kind pieces for your home, there are reasons to try these decorating techniques. Please check out the details below in this quick guide Walls By Me put together for you.

Why should I use wallpaper on furniture?

  • Wallpapering furniture is sustainable;
  • It's DIY;
  • Wallpapering furniture is affordable.

On the Walls By Me website, one of our favorite things is introducing a new line of peel and stick wallpaper every season. Nothing, however, brings us more joy than seeing our wallpapers in our customers' homes. So, we've compiled a list of some of the best Instagram photos from our customers, and we're sure these will inspire you to come up with your own cool DIY room decor ideas:

See how to create Instagram-Worthy Decor

Now, take a look at the reasons that will inspire you to redecorate your furniture with wallpaper:

1. Wallpapering furniture is sustainable


If you're anything like us, you enjoy tinkering with your home's decor, adding new touches, and changing things around, but it's crucial to avoid overdoing it. Sustainability is important, and it's especially important in the realm of interior design.

One approach to upcycle old used pieces into new, is to use wallpaper to refresh furniture .

2. It's DIY


Using wallpaper to decorate your furniture is a simple method to set rom the others. Their generally simple designs are an excellent place to start when getting the aesthetic you want in your house.

3. Wallpapering furniture is affordable


Granting old furniture new life saves money on potentially expensive new purchases.

So, take a quick mental inventory of all the furniture you have lying around your home. Every one of these surfaces is waiting to be wallpapered! And this task is incredibly simple.

Do you want to know how to decorate your furniture with wallpaper? So follow these simple steps below.

How to decorate furniture with wallpaper?

At first, you will need some tools before starting wallpapering your furniture. Check them out now:

  • a pencil;
  • a pair of scissors or a cutter;
  • a soft cloth.

Walls decked out in your favorite prints and patterns are a sight to behold. But how long can they keep it up? Cleaning and maintenance are just as important as selecting the right elements when it comes to good home decor. Even high-quality, well-designed removable wallpaper will require some sprucing up from time to time.

Learn how to clean your removable wallpaper

  • Preparing surfaces.

First and foremost, welcome to the wonderful world of wallpapers. Many advantages can be gained by making a few simple decisions about your wallpaper. What's more, do you know what's even better? The outcomes are both practical and cost-effective. Learn how to install it yourself:

  • Measuring, cutting and applying.

Measure out the surface area you intend to wallpaper to save yourself a sticky mess and a lot of time. Pay attention with the designs, because in Walls By Me this repeats every 2ft or 24inches, so please consider that before cutting the panels. 

You can cut away the excess after that! And be prepared, the result is beautiful and surprising.

Wallpapering furniture to inspire you!


Do you want to try wallpapering your old or drab furniture but aren't sure where to start? It's a great way to dress up the inside or outside of cabinetry, bookshelves and dressers. It can even be used to cover the entire surface area of smooth, flat furniture such as coffee or bedside tables. Here are some wallpapered furniture examples to get you started.

Check out Walls By Me blog to learn more about decoration and other options for walls and furniture; we are constantly posting new content full of tips and inspirations to get you into the DIY philosophy. See you!