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How To Create Instagram-Worthy Decor

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How To Create Instagram-Worthy Decor

Launching a new range of peel and stick wallpaper every season is one of our favorite things. However, nothing brings us as much joy as the sight of our wallpapers adorning our customers’ homes. Over time, we’ve been treated to some lovely design ideas from WallsByMe customers. Their Instagram posts are always fun to follow – and always teach us a thing or two about “Instagram decor!”

For today’s post, we’ve pulled up some of the best photos that our customers have posted on Instagram. We bet these will inspire you to come up with some cool DIY room decor ideas of your own!

Instagram decor ideas from WallsByMe shoppers

bedroom geometric wallpaper instagram decor post


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Jazzy geometry

If you’re willing to go bold with geometric designs, Instagram-worthy decor is always within reach. Here’s an example we love – playful tessellations in black and white, supported by a sleek floor lamp for a modern look. This offers the perfect contrast for elegant drawers in lovely cobalt blue, tied together with a chic round mirror to complete the look. 

white bathroom decor instagram post

First Photo @fourbeanstalk

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Second Photo @katie.petruska

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Beautifying the bathroom

We don’t know about you, but we find that a well-decorated bathroom immediately upgrades the entire home. These gorgeous white-and-green bathrooms have got it right. A black and white wallpaper featuring floral line drawings instantly adds elegance to the space. It also makes room for dramatic, Instagram decor elements such as an olive green wall or a houseplant.

nursery diy room decor

First Photo @k_tothe_g_tothe_b

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Second Photo @glamandpanache

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Cozy kids’ rooms of Instagram

Many of our colorful floral wallpapers are warming up tiny tots’ rooms, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! Check out these delightful and cool DIY kids’ room decor ideas. The first one takes a subtle approach, warming up a gray-toned setting with yellow blossoms. The second one is bright and exuberant, filling a sunlit room with indoor greenery and bright pink floral wallpaper. Both decor options are equally Instagram-worthy, so take your pick depending on your taste.

black and white wallpaper over breakfast nook


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Acing the mixed-use game

We’d definitely befriend the cactus – and this entire vibrant bistro vibe! If you’re struggling to decorate a compact home, this eclectic, upbeat approach is a great way to go. We love how a simple polka dot wallpaper in black and white demarcates one side of the room as a breakfast nook, while natural finishes and light pastel furnishings separate the bed area from the rest of the space. 

office decor with pastel wallpaper


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The eclectic home office

Fresh mint and pale pink hues create a relaxed but organized vibe in this home office. Once this foundation is set up, you can bring in your favorite prints, patterns and memorabilia to create your kind of eclectic space. We’re flattered to see a swatch of our Art Deco peel and stick wallpaper find a place among vintage pieces, pretty planters and delightful woven accents! This cozy work-from-home setup is Instagram decor at its best.

small laundry instagram decor submission

First Photo @thehousethatdiybuilt

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Second Photo @sawyersvintagehaven

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Turning utility spaces glamorous

It’s the little things that make a big difference, and the same holds true in Instagram-worthy decor. Focus on the utility spaces in your home that often get neglected, and turn them into chic and inviting settings. We love how our black and white floral wallpaper energizes this laundry room, supported by natural accents and a white color palette. It’s amazing how something as mundane as pantry shelving turns chic thanks to some well-placed faux brick wallpaper!

shelves with diy geometric backing decor

First Photo @foundationlane

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Second Photo @the_accidental_dreamhouse

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Hints of texture

If you’re exploring cool DIY room decor ideas, don’t just look at the bigger picture. Create small pockets of style. A blank section of wall in the middle of a spacious room can become a backdrop for your favorite accents. We love how this customer has added a faux brick wallpaper flaunting a charming whitewashed look. In the second picture, a simple argyle wallpaper in light blue tones not only transforms the shelving units, but also provides a delightful complement to the vintage wooden cupboard.

Ready to take your home to the Instagram decor hall of fame? Implement these cool DIY decor ideas with your favorite peel and stick wallpaper, or create your own designs to inspire us some more!