Loft decorating ideas: tips to make your space look nice

Loft decorating ideas: tips to make your space look nice

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Loft decorating ideas: tips to make your space look nice

Many talk about them, but few have actually lived in them. Lofts, those suave, stylish spaces with their urban charisma and industrial charm, have captivated us for decades. These open plan abodes atop commercial buildings repurposed as residences offer the opportunity to design your home just how you like it. They allow you to unleash your creativity and craft something distinctive and artistic.

Before we go into the specifics of decorating a loft, let’s make one thing clear - this post is not about loft-style decor. Often, lofts are mistaken for any kind of residence sporting industrial decor. However, not every living space featuring distressed wood, exposed ducts and a high ceiling can be categorized as a loft. Lofts are open plan spaces, typically in factory buildings or warehouses, which are renovated into residential units. Their high ceilings and lack of partitions make them perfect as studios for artists or live-and-work spaces for other creative professionals.

The reason lofts and industrial decor are often uttered in the same breath is that these open plan homes belong in buildings that were once used for industrial purposes. Concrete floors, exposed brick walls, visible ducting and plumbing, and functional industrial hardware are common sights in lofts. They also lend these living quarters their unique brand of charm, and make decorating a loft that much more fun!

So here are some loft decorating ideas you can get cracking on right away.

5 cool ideas you can use for decorating your loft

1. Let there be light

Decorated loft

The best way to deal with an open floor plan is to own it. The first step to impressive loft decor is to ensure plenty of circulation space and natural light. So don’t be in a hurry to put up partitions in your loft. Partitions will reduce the amount of natural light reaching various areas of your living space. Let the large windows work their magic, and if you need to segregate spaces for work and leisure, make use of freestanding storage units, furniture layouts, accents or area rugs to demarcate the zones.

2. Create a cohesive color palette

Color pallete bedroom

The best loft decorating ideas you will come across involve the use of monochrome or near-monochrome palettes. You don’t want too many colors adding chaos to the space or interrupting its free flowing layout. Gray, beige, brown and other neutral colors are especially great at revamping a loft. These are the mainstays of industrial decor, and can be brought in through a variety of natural materials and finishes. If you're more into bright colors, they have a place in your loft as well. Just try to stick to one color or just a few variants of the same.

3. Don't forget the old world charm

Decorated room

You can decorate your loft to be as sleek and contemporary as you like, but the secret to distinctive loft decor is at least a little hint of vintage. You can bring this in through classic furniture set against weathered wall finishes, or a feature created using arrangements of vintage accents. Traditional metal hardware or lighting fixtures are also a great way to take you back in time while keeping things functional and modern.

4. Organize, organize, organize

Organized room

The main challenge when it comes to decorating a loft is to keep the space airy, stylish and clutter free. When you don't have dedicated rooms to stash away odds and ends, it becomes important to look into intelligent storage solutions. You may want to invest in furniture with built in storage, or make use of space underneath windows to minimize clutter. Remember that you don't need to keep everything out of sight just to make the space appear organized. "Visible" storage solutions, such as open shelves made of metal, are very much at home in lofts, and will actually add to the industrial look. Keep a balance of decorative and utilitarian items to maintain the aesthetic.

5. Flaunt the structure

Organized room

Lofts look best when their original layouts and finishes are preserved. This is not to say that you can't introduce prints, patterns and elements of your choice. But consider retaining a decor foundation of brick walls, concrete floors, wooden structural elements and metal hardware. Even if these elements are no longer visible in their original form, you can doff your hat to them via textured wallpaper. There are a variety of faux wood, brick, concrete and stone textured wallpapers today that bring all the rustic allure of the materials themselves, without any of the installation or maintenance fuss. Vertical planks of distressed wood will also help magnify the visual height of the space.

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