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Top Ten Bold Living Rooms

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Top Ten Bold Living Rooms

Let’s bust a couple of myths right away. Bold living rooms don’t just exist in mansions. They also don’t always require a big budget to create. If you’ve been looking for a way to bowl your guests over as soon as they step into your home, here are ten easy ways to glam up your living room using the right removable wallpaper.

 Living room with bold black and white removable wallpaper.

1. Stripes That Stand Out

Make sophistication look effortless with a bold black-and-white striped wallpaper as your living room backdrop. Vertical stripes are great for creating the illusion of extra ceiling height, and this bold pattern is perfect for flaunting statement furniture with monochrome upholstery. Stick to an uncluttered layout to keep the spotlight on your carefully curated furniture and accents.

A dresser with a vinyl record player.

2. Off-Beat Florals

Bold living rooms don’t have to look aloof. Introduce a friendly floral design carrying classic colors and contemporary forms, and you’ll be making heads turn in no time. We recommend vibrant, unstructured prints in warm yellow or orange tones, with just a hint of blue or green thrown in for balance. Pair this bold wallpaper print with gray or white furniture and framed accents.

Two plants next to a gray couch.

3. Art Deco Artistry

Glamor turns versatile with our delightful Art Deco inspired lattices and sunburst patterns. Bring some of these gorgeous designs home to create a bold living room any time of the year. Articulated in beige tones that have a gilded sheen, and carrying a rich finish thanks to their fabric build, these stylish wallpapers pair wonderfully well with wooden floors, whimsical fabrics, and sleek planters.

Wood-framed couch in a neutral living room with mustard accents.

4. Rustic and Resplendent

If you thought the rustic look was all about deep woodsy tones, it’s time to experiment with our whitewashed wood textures. If you wish to create a bold living room using luxurious furniture and accents, a richly textured yet rough-around-the-edges wall covering will serve you well. It comes with the added perk of reusability, allowing you to try styles ranging from bohemian to beachy without changing your wallpaper!

Deep blue and light pink decor in a living room

5. Maritime Magic

Bring delightful, deep-sea allure into your living room through a bold wallpaper print featuring oceanic elements. Go for intense blue or indigo hues, with swirling, abstract forms that add a rich overlay of texture. Ensure that you don’t overuse the design; reserve it for a prominent wall and keep the rest of the space light-toned and uncluttered.

Living room with gray couch and vintage-inspired peel-and-stick-wallpaper

6. Vintage Vibrance

Hark back to the good old times with a cheerful vintage or retro design covering your living room walls. There are quite a few choices here. If you don’t want to overdo it with color, go for a black-and-white print featuring hand drawn vintage elements. If you’d like to experiment with retro hues, muted pink, blue or aqua are good options. Fill the room with other antiques and curios to complete the effect.

 Dark walls in contrast with a light-colored sitting chair.

7. Stone-Clad Sophistication

Nature always does it best. If you’re at a loss as to how to craft a bold living room, dramatic faux marble textures are a solid choice. You can go for colors ranging from charcoal to light beige, depending on the mood you wish to set in the room. Darker shades can be paired with suave metal fixtures, while lighter tones can complement warm wooden elements.

 White dog on a white couch with white dog-print wallpaper.

8. Unique Animal Prints

Animal-themed living room wallpaper is a great way to announce that you aren’t one for decor rules. Of course, certain animal prints are better suited to more informal spaces like bedrooms or children’s play areas. However, our animal themed peel and stick wallpaper range also includes exquisite compositions featuring artistically rendered birds and wildlife. Find these in any color palette of your choice!

Greige couch with geometric wall treatments and flooring.

9. Fabulous 

When you want a bold living room that also extends a warm invitation to your guests, fabrics are a great place to look. We don’t just mean exploring delightful furnishings and drapery. Your wall covering can also be inspired by weaves and patterns, like ikat. A bold wallpaper print featuring a continuous ikat pattern can make an excellent feature wall in a bohemian living room. It can also hold its own in a clean contemporary setting.

Boldly designed room with an Asian feel.

10. Experiments with Greenery

A bold living room brimming with greenery will never fail to impress. Make the most of it by pairing the natural allure of an urban jungle with your favorite artistic style. Botanical peel-and-stick wallpaper featuring hand painted greenery can work well with gilded accents, luxe jewel tones, and an assortment of furniture and fabrics. This is the most reliable way to go bold!
Liked any of these bold living room ideas? Implement them in your living space (or invent a new style of your own!) with our fabulous, non-toxic wall coverings.