9 wallpaper ideas: ways to make your space amazing

9 wallpaper ideas: ways to make your space amazing

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9 wallpaper ideas: ways to make your space amazing

Think you’re too late for a summer home makeover? Think again! We’ve brought you a long list of refreshing wallpaper ideas that are making heads turn this year. 2022 has been quite generous in terms of giving us a wide range of decor trends to work with. To put it simply, there’s something in it for every taste - maximalist, minimalist, vintage, modern, whatever be your style, you can make it trendy (and your home amazing) through wallpaper designs this year. Take a look.

The 2022 masterlist of trendy wallpaper ideas

1. Art Deco



Art Deco style

Call it a comeback for Art Deco or simply a craving for lustrous elegance. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out by investing in wall art. There are wall coverings available today that have a “gilded look” in the print. Using floral outlines, Art Deco motifs and other geometric formations, these can add a touch of glamor to your living space.

2. Rustic richness

 Rustic richness style

Cozy homes with a rustic feel are very much in vogue this year, and you’ll find tons of wallpaper ideas to help you craft this look. They range from weathered paint and distressed wood to raw stone and exposed brick, all available as high quality prints that look nothing short of real. These are best paired with soft natural furnishings and cozy rugs or throws. When shopping for wallpaper for your rustic design scheme, go for matte finishes rather than glossy ones. This will create a richer, more genuine effect and do justice to the natural details and color variations in the print.

3. Bold florals



Bold florals style



Every home has room for a floral flourish, and what better way to introduce it than through some vibrant floral wallpaper? This year, designers have fallen in love all over again with floral prints and patterns. Acting as the backdrop for stylish monochrome furniture and gilded accents, these bold botanicals will truly jazz things up. If you’re worried about an overly vibrant color palette, large-scale florals look great in black and white as well.

4. Hot stripes

Hot stripes style



One of the simplest and most time-tested ways of bringing both elegance and structure into your living space is through striped wallpaper, upholstery and accents. This year, stripes have gotten bolder, broader and brighter. From dining rooms to home offices, you can uplift any room through emphatic stripes.

5. Technicolor treatments

Technicolor treatments style



A little while back, we posted a guide to crafting an indie space - one that doesn’t adhere to any rules, but goes all the way in declaring your personal sense of style. As you look to explore unique wallpaper ideas and designs for your summer home makeover, consider trendy technicolor options that are a heady mix of nostalgia and rebellion. To avoid going overboard, limit your technicolor decor elements to one portion of your living space, say through a retro wallpaper design, a series of posters, and so on.

6. Grandmillennial elegance

Grandmillennial elegance style



Vintage vibes are very much in vogue this year, and can help you create quite an incredible space. This trend is being referred to as the “grandmillennial” style - an ambiance that reminds you of grandma’s home, yet very much in sync with contemporary sensibilities. Think along the lines of small scale botanical elements in your wall treatments and upholstery, an accent chair that takes you a few decades back, or traditional details in door frames and trims.

7. Visual textured walls

Visual textured walls



Another popular route to a cozy and stylish home involves introducing textiles in large surfaces like walls and flooring. From Boho-chic to country, there are many themes that welcome woven finishes. Visual textured wallpaper designs are a great way to get started. They’ll perfectly emulate the look of a fabric, canvas or burlap wall through a photorealistic, high-resolution print.

8. Chinoiseries

Chinoiseries style



Design styles from the Far East have received a lot of love of late. Japandi interiors were all the rage last year, and recently, vintage floral prints have made a comeback. Chinoiseries in particular have been winning hearts and making their way into everything from wallpaper ideas to planters and cushions. If your home needs a quick refresh, a cheerful chinoiserie print will do the trick.

9. Murals

Murals style wallpaper



This year, we’re not stopping at wallpaper ideas for your house. If you really wish to make a statement without investing too much time or energy, go for a mural in your preferred style. This is an instant fix for a space that needs a feature wall or just a unique backdrop for your usual furniture setting. Besides faux textures and floral prints, animal themed and abstract murals are quite a hit.

Ready to ace your summer decor fix with these wallpaper ideas? Get started by shopping from our range of delightful prints and patterns that are also easy to install and safe for your family. You can order samples of any design you like, to better visualize how it would fit into your living space.