At Home In Autumn: Decor Trends For This Season

At Home In Autumn: Decor Trends For This Season

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At Home In Autumn: Decor Trends For This Season

At Home In Autumn: Decor Trends For This Season

Love it for its picture-perfect days, or hate it for its promise of cold weather? No matter how you feel about autumn, one thing’s for sure: it’s never easy to be on trend this time of the year. There’s simply too much to take care of. Shoring up for winter, celebrating those leaf-strewn outdoors, prepping your home for Halloween, and of course, doing all this in style! Because autumn decor has so many boxes to check, we decided to take one thing off your plate. Don’t go looking for the leading autumn decor trends for this season, because we’ve just summed them up for you:


vase with autumn season wallpaper


Cheer things up with chinoiserie.

The chinoiserie trend that set in this spring isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, designers are digging chinoiserie patterns for the floral flourish they bring to fall decor. From cushion covers and tableware to upholstery and wallpaper, elegant flowers, vines, birds and oriental motifs can make themselves home just about anywhere. And introducing them to your walls would be a particularly nice touch this autumn.

When working with chinoiseries, it’s best to go for something with a hand-painted or watercolor effect. This will reinforce that vintage oriental vibe in your living space and help it alternate between vibrant and meditative. In our latest peel and stick wallpaper autumn collection, we’ve incorporated vibrant chinoiserie patterns that can gel with cozy, maximalist interiors, as well as subtler variants for functional spaces and monochrome palettes.


Ikat Plaid Peel and Stick Fabric Removable


Trellis is right on trend!

Those of you who love clean geometry are in for some good news. Going by the autumn decor trends for this season, trellis and ikat patterns are very much in vogue. Edgy yet elegant, you can count on these versatile patterns to perk up your living space without going overboard. This year is all about giving them a bigger stage from which to work their magic. In other words, put them up on your walls, or lay them out as rugs or bedding. They’ll complement fall colors and flower arrangements, and also last you through winter if needed.

What we love best about trellis and ikat treatments is that they lend themselves to any number of interpretations. Add an Art Deco aura to a minimalist room with a classic composition of simple motifs in autumnal shades. Or introduce pizzazz to a cozy living room with some playfully reinterpreted ikat. Find all this and more in our updated self-adhesive wallpaper collection that lets you experiment all you want and does not damage paint or walls when removed.


Terrazzo Basic Peel wallpaper


Take terrazzo for a spin.

There was a time when terrazzo was limited to floors, but not anymore. This autumn, homes around the world are tinkering with terrazzo wall treatments, and we couldn’t love the idea more! Lively, quirky, and yet subtle enough to give your statement pieces the limelight, terrazzo wallpapers are an excellent way to brighten up your living space as the pre-winter blues set in.

If you think a terrazzo wall is too edgy for your taste, take a peek at our 2019 decor trends removable wallpaper collection. We’ve curated a range of designs in vibrant colors as well as in monochrome, giving you plenty of options to try within your existing setup.


Orange Terrazzo Basic Peel wallpaper


Enrich your color palette with caramel.

The verdict on 2019’s autumn color palette is out – and neutrals are in! Soft shades of beige and cream have always been fall staples, seeing how well they lend themselves to harvest-hued furniture and accents. This year, we see a definitive turn towards the darker, richer shades of the neutral spectrum. Colors like caramel and earthy orange are pairing up with off-white, grey and beige for a vibrant yet understated look. And together, they’re inviting bright blues, yellows, pinks, and greens to liven things up through fabrics and accents.


Haven’t gotten around to decorating for autumn yet? Our newly updated peel and stick wallpaper collection is a great way to get started! Easy to apply, printed with non-toxic inks, and in sync with the autumn decor trends for this season, they’ll spruce up your living space in no time.