Geometric Accent Wall Decoration: check out the options

Geometric Accent Wall Decoration: check out the options

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Geometric Accent Wall Decoration: check out the options

With geometric prints on light backgrounds, for example, you can create a neutral pattern that goes beyond a purely white wall. In addition, with them, you can add colors and shapes without weighing down the environment, creating a prominent wall in the room and bringing more personality to the walls of your home.

Despite the manual labor involved, adding accent walls to your home is simpler. There are different ways to do this: you can use fitted pieces of wood, with a pattern made and painted by yourself, paint, or wallpaper printed with geometric shapes.

If you want to add the elegant geometric shapes to your rooms' decoration, but don't know where to start, read on and learn about different ways to revamp your walls with geometric designs and patterns!

How to create geometric wood accent wall

When you're looking for easy ways to update your rental, and adding a little depth and texture to your home decor is a good idea, the DIY Geometric Wood Accent Wall trend can be a great choice. Especially if you already have some contact with the basic tools and practices of woodworking. Here is a simple guide with the steps you should follow in this case.

Geometric walls

1. Make a draft

The first step to any decorative project is planning, and with geometric accent walls it would be no different. So first of all you need to keep in mind the pattern you want to set up, and for this you will need drafts to follow.

So take the measurements of the chosen wall and draw the shapes you want to assemble on it with the MDF pieces. If you don't like the first draft, don't worry, it is natural and expected that the first sketch is not the one you choose. And in this case, look for inspiration and exercise drawing more combinations, until you find the one you like the most.

2. Paint the wood pieces

After measuring, cutting and testing the fit of the pieces, it is time to paint the mdf boards. First, define the color that will be used. This can be a different shade from the one already on the wall, or the same color tone. After applying the paint, cover a space without humidity and with a favorable air ventilation to let the pieces dry.

3. Build the base structure

When it's time for the application, start with the larger pieces of wood, so that you can build the base structure, and then insert the smaller pieces later. The installation must be done with nails and a hammer.

4. Fill the gaps with caulk

For a more polished and smooth visual effect you need to fill the holes left by the nails, and the spaces left where one MDF board meets the other. For this you can use caulk! A few tubes will be enough to finish the job. And then you have your new decoration! To make it even more interesting and fun, involve your family in the process!

Creating a geometric accent wall with wallpapers

The advantage of using wallpaper to create your geometric wall is that there are countless different styles and colors to choose from. In wallpapers you can find ready-made patterns to use in the bathroom, kitchen, children's rooms, and many other rooms!

Bathroom with geometric walls

Economical and easy to install, besides adding depth and texture to your walls, there are wallpaper models that can be installed simply by peeling and sticking, a process that you can do yourself, allowing you to save money on labor costs.

Geometric Wallpaper Styles

There are different styles of wallpaper with geometric shapes, and to choose yours, you must first think about the color palette and the decoration style that is already present in the room that will be improved.

You can opt for basic geometric prints with more neutral colors, models with the classic combination of black and white in geometric lines, models with golden wavy geometric forms, and even options with animal prints that build the geometric lines through their shape. A style that is often used in children's rooms.

How about using prints in the boho chic style?

The prints in the boho chic style are a great success in the construction of geometric walls. The proposal of this decoration style is very current, and portrays the hippie and bohemian style bringing freedom and carefree attitude to the decorations. There are prints that give contemporary spaces a bohemian edge, use it to break the monotony of staight lines in a minimalist setting!

How to make a wall with geometric designs with paint?

Last but not least, another widely used way to assemble geometric wall paint is by using paints! In this case, the process resembles the case of geometric wood accent walls. Therefore, it is worth starting by putting together a sketch of how you want the lines to be reproduced on the wall before you begin.

room with geometric walls

With the design ready, all you need is tape to draw the lines before you start painting the wall. Define the shades you are going to use, and paint everything with the tape already taped over the lines. Then just wait for it to dry and remove the tape!

Those were our tips on how to make the geometric accent wall! Which of these DIY home decor ideas will you be trying out first? if content like this interests you, keep following our blog posts and not the next tips!