10 best living room lighting ideas for your home

10 best living room lighting ideas for your home

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10 best living room lighting ideas for your home

The living room generally is considered one of the best place in a house: comfy sofa, great carpet... But, there is one item that is little talked about it, but has a significant influence on the room: the lighting!

The good news is: we can create different sensations and, consequently, create a comfortable atmosphere both for the house's inhabitants and the guests.

Of course, all this power would not stay away from living room lighting, where comfort and well-being are priorities. But don't worry, there are foolproof tricks to creating a quality lighting design, and for this mission, you can count on Walls By Me! Learn our complete guide to living room lighting, the best wallpapers for each type, and create lighting that will appreciate your decoration. Let's get started?

1- Use indirect lighting

We use indirect lighting when we open the windows, for example, and let the sunlight enter our area. This type of lighting for the living room can be added in front of the plaster, behind mirrors, stairs, panels, or other prominent surfaces. To give a touch of art to the decor, textured wallpapers are ideal for this type of lighting, ensuring a fantastic space.



living room decorated



2- Choose between warm light and cold light

One of the most considerable doubts that arise when people are creating a lighting design project is the temperature of the luminaires: hot or cold? We confess that this aspect significantly influences the result of the interior design. If your living room lighting is integrated with other settings, you can choose to distribute both types of lights in the space.






But, generally, the lamps with warmer tones or yellow are more cozy and comfortable, ideal for resting environments, just like Scandinavian living rooms!

The lights with cool tones, for exemple, generate an effect of alertness and concentration, transmitting elegance in environments that need powerful lighting.

Since the subject is the living room, we must need to give priority to warmth and comfort; however. One great tip for you is: mix these two in a harmonious combination. For example, in spaces that need more attention at night, such as reading tables, bet on cool lamps, and for resting corners, such as the sofa, opt for a pleasant effect. The shiplap wallpaper matches perfectly with it.

3- Create focal points

Are there specific objects or places in your room that you want to highlight? One solution is to create focal points using lights! For this, direct, short-range lights are perfect.



living room with lights



This lighting technique goes very well with walls decorated in a geometric style, because the trend is directly related to the modern, minimalist look. It is worth investing in this type of style.

4- Mix natural and artificial lights

Even though we know the importance of artificial lighting, specially at night, the natural one is as important. Large windows and glass doors also contribute to a well-lit room.



living room with furniture



The golden tip is to mix the two types, all in the right measure. Count on the help of the luminaries, but without giving up the natural luminous rays that we have, okay? By the way, wallpapers in vibrant colors look amazing in contrast to the natural lights!

5- Have directional lamps

Dimmable lamps are options that allow you to control the intensity of the brightness. This option is essential for the living room because you can create a specific ornament for each activity. For example, a more intense shine for conversation and receiving guests and, to rest watching TV, regulate to quieter lights.



living room well decorated



Inclusively, this type of lighting also helps to reduce energy consumption, as well as helps to create appropriate lighting for small rooms with TV. If you like the idea of having themed wallpapers in your house, this is an opportunity to use them!

6- Bet on chandeliers and pendants

The living room allows the creation of more sophisticated lighting, bringing together elegant pieces that help decorate.



living room with chandelier



Using chandeliers and pendants in specific spaces contemplates the beauty of the furniture and ceilings and even values the wall coverings.

To use chandeliers, choose to add them in larger rooms with high corners available, for example, in a high ceiling height or under the dining tables. For smaller spaces, pendants perform the function of illuminating and decorating to perfection.

7- Use table lamps

Table lamps, also known as lampshades, convey some of the coziest lighting. Where to use them? On side tables, on corners that need highlighting, or even on TV racks. This type of lighting can also be used on bedside tables in bedrooms or offices to create an exclusive reading illumination. To emphasize the comfortable mood of this lighting, chinoiserie wallpapers are perfect!



living room



8- Add LED lights on the ceiling

One of the biggest trends in lighting is LED strip lighting. Besides being sophisticated, this type of lighting provides a harmonious effect to the room, creating a favorable atmosphere for the living room.



living room with lamps on the ceiling



These strips can be applied to plaster, behind panels, niches, shelves, and even to enhance paintings and works of art. As it is a more eye-catching type of lighting, bet on a decor with more basic wallpapers.

9- Bet on diffused lighting

Diffused lighting can create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, ideal for relaxing, resting, and watching TV. These pieces can be used in chandeliers and pendants that camouflage their lamps, lampshade domes, and other options that have these filters that soften the intensity of the light. Great solution to combine with floral wallpapers, creating an even more intimate space!



living room



10- Wallpapers are welcome!

Following the previous tip, light wall colors provide better lighting. Therefore, a trick to facilitate this process is to apply a basic wallpaper in more neutral leathers. These papers do not necessarily need to be plain, but in lighter shades, to generate a balanced atmosphere.



living room



Which lights are best for living rooms?

The best lights for living rooms are lampshades, pendants, and chandeliers. In terms of shade, warm-tempered fixtures can generate a relaxing effect for the room.

How do I get better light in my living room?

To get better light in the living room lighting you need to plan well for the area's dimensions and the number of fixtures required and ensure a good distribution between them. Natural lighting also contributes to this moment, as do walls in light colors.

What is the newest trend in lighting?

The most significant trends in the lighting niche are LED strips and pendants. However, for people looking for even more practicality, adding neutral wallpaper is also rising in decorating.

So, did you like our tips on how to achieve good living room lighting? By following our tips, we are sure that your living room will be more comfortable and harmonious. See also our tips for creating a living room with a TikTok aesthetic!